Both Arendal and Agder can boast of a proud and industrial history.  We excel both nationally and internationally in innovation, maintain a strong focus on sustainable change and have good access to green and environmentally friendly energy.

We have good opportunities for research and development and an infrastructure that has developed significantly in recent years. Our proximity to the rest of Europe also creates the right type of conditions for our industries.


The most important resource in any industry is its people and in Agder we have a good education system and also experts in their own fields. 

We spoke to some of these young and competent people about their thoughts on choosing Agder as their place of residence, the labour market, jobs of the future and what they think are the main benefits of being a part of Norway.

Here’s what they have to say:


Aksess Bemanning, a company which provides staffing and recruitment services, is excited that Morrow Batteries will establish itself in Arendal and will require up to 2,500 employees for its operations. Such an investment will not only affect the educational process and the influx of new people, but it will also create growth in other new adjacent industries in the years to come.

Gry Knutsen, Linn Sandnes and Nora Holst share their perspectives on some of the changes that we can expect to see in the labour market as the focus shifts from the Norwegian oil industry to a new Green Energy industry.


Is it possible to find a good balance between family, leisure, ambitions and a career in Agder? Christian Kallevig Arnesen thinks so. He moved to Arendal with his wife and two children after building a name for himself in finance and administration in Oslo. He contributes to Finansavisen with sound advice on asset management for both private individuals and companies.

With Kallevig as a middle name and given the family’s history in Arendal, it was perhaps always in the cards that Arnesen would move back home at some point. Hear him reflect on the establishment of Morrow Batteries, his children’s future and his thoughts on the municipality’s commitment to the green shift.


Dr. Alireza Borhani and Parvaneh Sharshar could have had their pick of jobs anywhere around the world. Nevertheless, they chose to settle in Agder rather than in big cities in Asia, Europe or the US.

What makes highly competent specialists choose Agder over New York, Silicon Valley or Singapore? Do they see opportunities and values ​​that we as locals take for granted? And what role do they think Agder plays in the global competition to attract the best minds?


Karen Landmark knew from very early on what she wanted to work with, and pursued the relevant education in order to get a position at GRID-Arendal. Today, she leads much of the work in Greenstat’s efforts to introduce new forms of energy into society and is helping with the transition to a new green economy.

Hear Karen reflect on how Agder fits into this large and challenging puzzle. Can a “small place” like Agder have anything to offer or make any difference to the new green economy?