Morrow’s ambition is to develop and manufacture the world’s most cost
effective and sustainable battery cells.

The company’s vision is to enable and accelerate the green energy transition through the production of sustainable batteries.

Here in Arendal, Morrow is currently in the process of establishing its 43 GWh Gigafactory. The first 1 GWh battery cell factory is set to open in 2024. The company is rapidly moving towards mass production of sustainable batteries and will utilise clean renewable energy. There is a strong emphasis on a circular economy, with efforts to facilitate increasing reuse of materials and products in connection with the production. The Morrow Research Centre was opened in Grimstad in 2023. Once fully developed (anticipated by 2028), Morrow is expected to have 2,500 employees.

Morrow’s ambitious and open approach is of significant value for the development of EMP, including the establishment of the green corridor at Port of Arendal. This connection greatly contributes to EMP’s potential role in the green transition.

artist's impression of morrow's facilities