The area has a satisfactory power situation with a total planned capacity of 800 MW and significant available capacity.

There is, therefore, great flexibility regarding accommodating potential establishments, in addition to Morrow. This is due to the expansion of the grid and transformer capacity currently underway to supply Morrow.

Total Power Capacity in Eyde Material Park: 800 MW

Available Unused Power for Distribution in EMP, in addition to Morrow, North Ammonia, and Port of Arendal: 285 MW

New road

A new road connecting the industrial area near the E18 highway and Port of Arendal Eydehavn is under development.

The first part of the new road from Eydehavn to Morrow will be completed mid-2024. The final part of the road is currently in the planning stages (Neskilen – Morrow). If the planned progress is followed, the road could be completed by 2026/2027. 

A sustainable approach is to optimize the use of the road, enabling as much transport as possible with the least traffic as possible. This demands the use of new technology, cooperation, new business models and agreements on common goals.

Other infrastructure

The municipality has the primary responsibility for providing water and sewage to the property boundaries of commercial areas when there is insufficient capacity or the infrastructure is not readily available nearby. This includes ordinary consumption, and any specific needs must be addressed separately. Developers will also be responsible for internal infrastructure on their own property.