Eyde Material Park consists of 4 industrial plots which are under development. The combined areas of these plots spans 2 530 000 m2. This is in addition to Morrow Batteries’ 940 000 m2, making the total area of the industrial park 3 470 000 m2. The park surrounds Eyde Energy Park, where Morrow Batteries’ Gigafactory is being built. The Port of Arendal, Eydehavn will serve as an important logistics hub.

The plots under development in Eyde Material Park are:
• Longum
• Longumkrysset
• Helle 1
• Helle 2

The plots that are already established are:
• Morrow
• Port of Arendal, Eydehavn



The Longum Area sits strategically across from the Gigafactory on the other side of the highway. This proximity will help potential businesses who wish to co-operate with Morrow Batteries to do so easily and more effectively.


Longumkrysset – Logistics Hub


Eyde Material Park Longumkrysset is right across the road from the Gigafactory. The plot is ideally located to facilitate logistics activities to and from the harbour at Eydehavn. The new road for autonomous vehicles will start here.

The developers would like to maintain the areas’ close connection to nature, seeing as Arendal Bymark (skiing trails and hiking paths) is close by. They are also seeking to find sustainable environmental solutions in every aspect of the plot development.

Helle 1

Eyde Material Park Helle 1 will have a new road running through the plot, making it an ideal site for businesses dealing in raw materials, reuse and recycling and also for businesses which rely heavily on fast transport of goods and materials. It is the connection point between the port and Morrow’s Gigafactory.

Helle 2


The Helle 2 area is an international standard industrial site with spectacular views of the ocean. It will be suitable for large scale facilities as well as transport intensive manufacturers and handlers.