Mapping out the ripple effects of the battery factory

Menon Economics has been appointed to analyse the ripple effects of Morrow Batteries’ project in Arendal. The analysis is aimed at helping Arendal Municipality in its efforts to anticipate and deal with issues that may arise from the battery project.

The appointment follows the consultany company’s win in a tender put out by both Agder County and Arendal Municipality. Menon Economics was previously instrumental in an analysis connected to a battery project by Freyr in Mo i Rana, Northern Norway.

“We must look at the ripple effects of Morrow’s project and also the work of subcontractors for the entire Agder area, and not just for Arendal. This will lead to major changes, and we must have all the facts now that we are planning for those changes,” said Kåre Andersen, head of the business department at Arendal Municipality.

The aim of the analysis is to generate as much information as possible on the consequential impact in terms of demographics and on businesses as a result of the establishment of the battery factory and the influx of potential subcontractors. The analysis will focus on three main areas – regional and local businesses, demographic consequences and competence.

Determined to see Morrow succeed

“We are determined to see that Morrow succeeds and we will work to that end. Therefore, we are embarking on this analysis to gather the necessary information to help us in our efforts, said Torleiv Momrak,” adviser in Agder county and coordinator for the ripple effect analysis.

Momrak and Andersen agree that the battery project is important for the entire county and not just Arendal and point to the good cooperation between the county and the municipality in that respect. It is especially important to view Morrow’s project in relation to the enormous potential it has for Agder in general and in terms of a common housing and labour market in Eastern Agder, they stressed.

“This is a regional project and we are now collaborating very well with Arendal Municipality on the ripple effects of the battery factory. It is also very positive that the municipality is looking at this from a regional perspective,” said Momrak.