Morrow Batteries and Veidekke partner to build first fully re-usable factory building

Morrow Batteries, the industrial battery technology company, are joining forces with Veidekke, Norway’s leading construction company, to build a factory that can be dismantled and fully re-used and re-purposed in the future.

“At Morrow, we are on a mission to speed up the energy transition with cost-effective and sustainable batteries. To get there, we are determined to build environmentally sound and responsibly. We are therefore delighted to partner with Veidekke, who share our ambition to create a circular building project”, says Stina Torjesen, Director of Sustainability at Morrow Batteries.

All parts of the building, Morrow Batteries’ first battery factory in Arendal, Norway, can be dismantled, re-used, and even re-purposed if and when the factory ends its commercial life sometime in the future.

“Together with Morrow we are determined to ensure the buildings agility and resilience. In what we believe is an industry first, we are working to secure the next generation of construction planning. We are excited about this opportunity to learn at the forefront of the industry, and tackle challenges such as making sure that tools and other mechanical gear, as well as the assembling instructions will be stored and available for dismantling the building in 30 or even 60 years,” says Roar Kristiansen, General Manager of Veidekke Logistics.

The two companies have worked together on the pilot project since the fall of 2021.

“We plan to be circular from day one, working to use our resources as efficiently as possible to lessen the climate impact. In our battery value-chain we will use recycled minerals in new batteries and following a circular thinking in all processes, now also including the buildings themselves”, says Torjesen of Morrow Batteries.