New milestone reached as Morrow Batteries installs dry room at Morrow Cell Factory

Morrow Batteries is approaching the next important milestone: On 21 August, the cell factory building will be ready to install the dry room. This sealed, airtight chamber ensures a dry and clean environment needed to develop the world’s most sustainable batteries.

The company is growing fast, and so is the battery cell factory that is rapidly rising in Arendal. With our team of contractors and partners, we are progressing as planned and are on track to start large-scale battery production in the first half of 2024.

Lars Christian Bacher

CEO, Morrow Batteries

Earlier this year, Morrow opened Norway’s largest battery research centre in Grimstad and started customer qualification test production of batteries in Korea.

Veidekke has set up the cell factory and delivered a complex building in just seven months since they started construction in January of this year.

The first installation phase is the dry room, a sealed, airtight room that maintains controlled low humidity levels. Production of battery cells requires a dry and clean environment, and the room is insulated and protected from external influences and designed for accurate, consistent low dew point and temperature control. When the dry room installation is complete, the process equipment will be installed before commissioning and system acceptance testing.

“Smooth and efficient collaboration with our partners and suppliers is key to realise the Morrow Cell Factory. We appreciate the great efforts made by the Port of Arendal to make temporary storage of production equipment available and Midtstøl Transport and Rhenus Logistics, which has ensured safe and efficient shipping from ports in South Korea and China to Eyde Energy Park,” says COO Andreas Maier of Morrow.

Morrow has partnered with Myloc AB and implemented their software solution “Myloc Construction”, ensuring smooth logistics to and within the construction site to avoid congestion and utilising available resources to the fullest.

During the installation of the dry room and equipment deliveries, Veidekke will complete the construction of the building, which consists of 31,000 sqm of production facilities and 1,000 sqm of administrative functions such as laboratories, wardrobes and workstations.