Norwegian government backs Morrow Batteries

Morrow Batteries and SIVA are investing 49 million £ in building Factory 1 at Eyde Energy Park in Arendal. SIVA is a governmental enterprise for national infrastructure and industrial real estate. Together they have contracted Veidekke AS for the total enterprise of the building at Eyde Energy Park in Arendal.

Siva will contribute 32,7 million £ out of the 49 million £. The build will commence in a matter of weeks in Eyde Energy Park.

The Norwegian minister of trade and industry Jan Christian Vestre presented the news on the 18th of August in Arendal, and on the 29th of august Veidekke AS was announced as the contractor for “Factory1”.

We are on route to create a new green industrial adventure here in southern Norway. The construction of Factory 1 is the first step towards the realization of the battery coast. Finally we are starting construction, and we are looking forward to following the construction

Robert Cornels Nordli

Mayor, Arendal Municipality

Factory 1 will when completed produce 1 GWh of batteries. Morrow Batteries gigafactories will when completed produce 43 GWh in Arendal, Norway.

Battery Factory 1 will have a gross floor area of almost 30,000 m2 and will be constructed in a partnership between Veidekke Logistikkbygg and Veidekke Bygg Agder. Construction work will begin within the next few weeks.

Quality at every level is essential if we are to produce world-leading batteries at Eyde Energy Park. The purpose of Battery Factory 1 is to demonstrate to the market and customers that we can deliver quality on a large scale. Having solid partners on board such as Veidekke and Siva provides us with the best possible chances of success.

Håkon Tanem

Acting CEO, Morrow Batteries

Eyde Materal Park and Eyde Energy Park

Morrow Batteries are located at Eyde Energy Park, an industrial plot of just under 1,000,000 m2. Right next to this plot, Arendal municipality are working with private developers to create Eyde Material Park (2,530,000 m2).

This industrial park will provide Morrow Batteries with sustainable materials for battery production. When finished, Eyde Energy Park and Eyde Material Park will be the world’s first industrial battery cluster, where all parts of the valuechain are present and working togheter.