Norwegian Government to support “battery road”.

 The Norwegian Government is commiting to the Battery industry in Arendal by helping finance the projected new road between Eyde Material Park and Arendal Harbour.

The road is an important part of establishing a battery value-chain in Arendal. Not only does the road connect Morrow Batteries to the harbour, the road also connects the Helle 1 and Helle 2 plots to Morrow and E18, aswell as the harbour.

 Prime minister Jonas Gahr Støre told local paper Agderposten:

One of the challenges for the battery investments in Arendal is the new road to the harbour. It is a puzzle, and we are now contributing with important pieces to keep momentum and ensure that the road is completed. The road is also important for other industries, but also for locals who does not want trucks and heavy transport through populated residential areas.

Quotation translated from Agderposten. Foto: Foto: NTB Kommunikasjon/Statsministerens kontor

Jonas Gahr Støre

Prime minister, Norway

Two phases

The first phase of the road going from Neskilen to the harbour is already fully financed by Arendal Municipality and Agder County Municipality. For phase 2, Agder County Municipality has contributed with 133 million NOK, and now The Norwegian Government are contributing an additional 39 million NOK , 20 million was previously allocated. This means that the road is getting closer to a full financing.

Arendal mayor Robert Cornels Nordli is pleased with the government’s commitment to the new road.

-The government is committing to the battery industry in Arendal, we have asked for 60 million NOK in five rounds, now the first round is complete.

Robert Cornels Nordli

Mayor, Arendal Municipality

The road is to be completed by the time Morrow Batteries completes their Giga 1 factory in 2025. That way ensuring efficient transport to Europe via Arendal Harbour. 

– This is an important step towards creating a well-functioning harbour for the battery industry. It is a strong signal from the Norwegian government that Eydehavn is important for future Norwegian industries and blue transport to Europe.

Rune Hvass

Harbour Master, Arendal port