Pioneering the battery value chain

We are embarking on a new green industrial adventure due to the worldwide demand for batteries. As a result, new business opportunities are generated throughout the lifecycle of batteries, from raw materials to recycling.

The EU’s Green New Deal stipulates that battery production must be sustainable and circular. The European battery alliance (EBA) has set a target to establish a battery value chain of 250 billion euros by 2025.

With record-breaking EV numbers in Norway, companies here are in a unique position to develop, test and scale solutions for reusing and recycling batteries. Spearheaded by leading industry clusters such as the Eyde Cluster, and backed by a highly developed research ecosystem, the Norwegian process industry is rapidly building up expertise and experience with sustainable and circular battery production.

Norway and especially Agder, is ready to take the lead in pioneering the battery value chain, with raw material producers such as Elkem (Graphite), Hydro (aluminium) and Glencore (nickel, copper and cobalt). In addition, Agder is also the host for Future Materials Catapult, Mechatronics. Innovation Lab and the University of Agder facilitating the innovation ecosystem for battery value chain.