Renewable energy

The most effective way of cutting climate emissions is by shifting to renewable sources of energy. The Agder region has an abundance of clean hydro power.

Often referred to as The Electric Region, Agder focuses on efficient ways of using energy and has many initiatives centered on the use of electricity such as electric boating, solar panels and charging facilities. The power grid in Agder also has a large capacity and offers good stability, making power outages extremely rare.

In Norway, businesses must place an order for their energy requirements with Agder Energi Nett. Eyde Material Park will be powered by renewable energy taken from the nearby Bøylefoss/Monehagen hydro plant.

The Norwegian government has also opened an offshore wind park at “Sørlige Nordsjø 2”, which will most likely be connected to the grid in Agder. This will further add to Agder’s surplus of renewable energy which is currently around 15 TWH.