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The last 2 weeks have been eventfull at the centre of The Battery Coast in Arendal. Stay updated here at Eyde Material Park, the location for the next industrial adventure.

Morrow Batteries have secured 100 million £ for their Factory 1,  a new analysis of the potential ripple effects of Morrow Batteries has been published, Morrow reaches 100 employees, and the launch of Welcomehub.


-The development of Eyde Material Park and Morrow Batteries at Eyde Energy Park is well underway. With this new capital to Morrow, the analysis from Menon, and Welcomehub we are in a great position for the next chapter. 

Kåre Andersen

Head of business section, Arendal Municipality

Morrow raises 100 million £ for Factory 1

Morrow Batteries has secured 100 million £ for the first phase of their plans towards a gigafactory for batteries, located in Arendal. Factory 1 (picture) will produce 1 GWH, also including a development line for future battery technology. 

Among the new owners are ABB and Siemens, industrial heavyweights that will give the project not only important capital, but also top-notch engineering expertise. Arendal Fossekompanii and the Norwegian state’s climate fund Nysnø climate investments also joins. Through Nysnø the Norwegian Government increase their investments in Eyde Material Park and Morrow Batteries. The Norwegian state are indirect owners in Morrow through Agder Energy and Nysnø, and they are co-financing the new “battery-road”.

– Bringing in long term, solid and competent capital from some of the leading industrial companies in Europe with a global reach will be of great value on our path to manufacture the most sustainable and cost-effective batteries. Together with the backing from the Norwegian state owned Nysnø Climate Investments, this brings us into the top tier of battery manufacturers in Europe.

Terje Andersen

CEO, Morrow Batteries

Mapping the effects

Menon Economics has done an analysis of the potential effects of Eyde Material Park and the battery value chain. The report wills serve as an important tool for planning public services such as housing, commuting and public services.

The analysis projects an increase in population by 6000 due to Morrow and the battery value chain. Employing over approx. 4500 people.

The analysis projects that there will be great need for recruiting talent to the region in the years to come, while at the same time building expert communities and strengthening vocational subjects at local schools.

CEO of Morrow Batteries Terje Andersen highlights this great opportunity for young battery enthusiasts:

“ If you want to work in the battery value chain, look towards the battery coast and Arendal”,  says Terje Andersen CEO, Morrow Batteries.

Read the full report here (only in Norwegian): 

Welcome Hub – Become a Local with us

 Arendal municipality will be hosting many new inhabitants due to new industrial activity. The Municipality has in cooperation with Arendal Chamber of commerce and Impact Hub started WELCOME HUB.

 Welcome Hub will serve as an arena for new citizens to get know new people and new communities in Arendal. New in town and want to start playing football casually? Or maybe you have just accepted an offer from a business here and wondering where to rent an apartment? Welcome HUB is there for you to help you in the right direction.

You can read more about Welcome Hub on their Webpage (under development).

The need for WelcomeHUB becomes more and more apparant, as people keep looking to Arendal for opportunities in the green transition. 

Kåre Andersen

head of the business section, Arendal municipality

Morrow reaches 100 employees

 Morrow Batteries are growing rapidly. With new people in every month. Morrow Batteries now count 100 employees in total from all different nationalities. Many are allready located in Arendal working out the of company’s offices there.

The two latest additions include Naja Boone and Stina Torjesen.

Boone, who is starting as the company’s communications director in August has experience from companies such as the Wilhelmsen group and Equinor said the following in a press release: 

I am thrilled to join Morrow. This talented and dedicated team is on a mission to become a world-leading partner in the green energy transition. Morrow is perfectly positioned to deliver profitable and sustainable batteries on a large scale, and it’s inspiring to be part of a company that can play an important role in making the Norwegian, European, and global economy greener” says Boone in a press release from Morrow.

Naja Boone

Director Communication and Marketing, Morrow Batteries

In comes also Stina Torjesen who is joining Morrow’s dynamic and cross-functional sustainability task force. Torjesen is an expert in circular economy and sustainability related issues. Torjesen holds a PHD from Oxford. She will retain her postion as an Associate Professor at the University of Agder. 

“Morrow is set to produce the world’s most sustainable batteries and I am excited to contribute to the forging of ambitious policies and practices across Morrow’s operations – from sourcing and R&D to production and recycling”

Stina Torjesen

Sustainability Advisor, Morrow Batteries